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How much does it cost to create a website?

The cost of a website depends on its technical task, websites vary. And in order to give you an accurate answer to the question, we need to write a minimum technical task: what you need a website, what goals you set for it, how complex its structure and logic. Send us an e-mail right now and you will know exactly how much it will cost to develop a website for your company in our web studio.

How many homepage design options do you make?

We make 1-2 homepage variants and one minor page variant. Sometimes one is enough for the Customer. The main thing is to competently prepare the terms of reference, requirements and wishes for the created design. Beforehand, you indicate to us websites you like and websites you don’t like.

What is a domain name and how to register it?

A domain name is the address of your future website on the Internet for example For example: www.webukraine.com.ua Where WebUkraine is the name you can think of, and com.ua is the prefix as it is in every country. Not only do we register domain names, we help everyone come up with a name for their website so that it is consistent with your business, easy to read, easy to remember. Thus, our Partners have no problems registering a domain name on the Internet.

When will the website start making money?

The factors that determine the profit of the site, the main ones are:  activity of searching for the goods and services offered by you through the Internet; revenue that brings on average one online shopper; the position of the website in search engines; the regular costs that have to be borne to maintain high target traffic. The cost of creating the website itself is not a big deal, as it is a one-time cost. Reasonably made investments in the Internet always pay off. Moreover, in the practice of our studio there were several cases when the sites paid off before signing the act of acceptance-submission of works. That is, these sites were designed so competently that they immediately occupied a good position in the search engines. This provided a flow of targeted visitors from the very beginning of the site’s operation.

I filled out and sent you an order form. What are my next steps?

Once your order has been received, our staff member will draw up a preliminary plan for the order and then contact you to clarify details and coordinate further action.

How to order a site?

It is very easy to make an order for the site, for this you need to go to the ORDER PAGE (by selecting the ORDER SITE from the top menu) and fill out the ORDER BRIEF FORM.

Where does the site work begin?

The work on site creation begins with the preparatory stage. In the first stage, even before the contract is signed, the customer must provide us with a description of the future site and the materials needed to create the site.

Why don't you have an office?

We had to give up the office last year because of no profitability. Moreover, as the experience shows, it is better for the customer to come to his office to discuss the site or to communicate via email.

How long does it take to create a site?

The timing of creating a site depends on many factors, one of them being its complexity. Estimated site creation times vary from 3 to 20 business days (when ordering an exclusive design / site, terms can be extended). In most cases, the project implementation time depends on the customer. From how fast they will be given the materials.

What are the guarantees on the site?

Full payment is made only after the creation of a complete site. After creating the site, we guarantee the performance of the site, except when the performance of the site was impaired due to the customer. we guarantee the workability of the site as well as the site support for a month, we monitor the workability of the site.

Do you create websites for individuals?

It doesn’t matter to us who you are as a business organization or as an individual interested in your personal page. We create sites for everyone.

What is the cost of creating a site?

Usually, the price of a site is influenced by three components, namely:
Design complexity (originality, exclusivity, presence of flash elements, animated menus, banners, etc.).
Website functionality (availability and complexity of additional options and modules are not included in the standard package offer).
Site volume (number of sections and pages, number of photos and videos posted on the site).

Do you have any discounts?

We have regular promotions / discounts. And we also organize quizzes. During their holding, you can order a discounted site by fulfilling the conditions of the promotion.

Will I need to pay you monthly after the site is ready and posted online?

No. We only charge for the site once, only for its creation. If you want to promote your site in the TOP 10 then there will be a monthly promotion fee.

I do not have a domain and hosting. Can you pick them up?

Yes, we have a full range of services, ranging from technical tasks, registration of any domain, hosting site hosting, design development, site development, site filling, site promotion, site support.

I have a friend and I need a site; do you have an agency fee for brokerage services?

Yes, you will receive 15% of the order amount for each person brought to us.

Do you support and administer any sites you create?

Yes, one of our areas is support and administration of any sites, content, etc. We enter into an agreement with you and begin to support and / or administer the site provided on the basis of the agreement. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you.

Will I be able to edit and update my site myself?

Yes, you can. We establish a convenient and intuitive administrative panel (site management system) on all created sites, which allows us to update the site without any effort and without special knowledge: add information, create new pages and sections. We also conduct a training course.

Will I be ``tied`` to you after I get my site?

No. Once you get your site, you are no longer attached to us. We teach you and you can manage your site yourself.

Are you registering your site with search engines?

Yes. The registration service for the site created for you is included in all package offers. Your site will be registered on Google search engines and Yandex.

How Many Mailboxes Will We Make?

As much as you need.

Do you create logos?

Yes. We have 3 designers in the staff who can not only create you a logo but also fully draw your future site.

We already have a website, will you be able to change anything on it?

In addition to creating new sites, one of our areas is to upgrade and redesign any previously created sites. In addition to creating new sites, one of our destinations is to upgrade and redesign any previously created sites. Our work includes an insert at your request of the GoogleAnalitics visit counter, which tracks all conversions to your site and many other parameters.
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